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OdysseyCon is the 22nd National Science Fiction Convention of New Zealand for 2001. It will take place over Easter (13th - 16th April, 2001). OdysseyCon is brought to you by the same people who brought you the KiwiCon, AbbyCon, Discontinuity, ConQuest and ConQuest2, plus we’ve added more people for fresh ideas and more enthusiasm.

We aim to make this weekend well worth your time to attend. With the calibre of guests we have, it’s sure to be a great time.

There will be the tradtional events, like the Banquet, the Masquerade, Competitions, Writers Workshops, Video Watching, Guest of Honour Speeches and many others.

However, we don’t want this to be a same-old-same-old convention. If you have events you want to run, or ideas for events you want to see, please tell us.

A Word about Conventions

A Science Fiction Convention is an opportunity for a lot of people to get together and talk about their common interests of Science Fiction and Fantasy. People talk about role-playing, amateur SF magazines, film making etc. However, an SF convention goes deeper than discussions about movies and books.wpe74.jpg (5944 bytes)

At a convention you will have the opportunity to be entertained or to take part in that entertainment. You can join in on panels with famous authors or actors, join in the masquerade with a costume made from...well that’s up to you!. Buy merchandise (some of it rare) from dealers or at the auction, take wpe75.jpg (7163 bytes)part in various workshops on any subject from Fanzine production to the merits of writing sequels.

All these and much more will be available to you at an SF convention. But the most important thing at a convention is the people. The attendees DO come to enjoy the events taking place, but equally, they come to reaquaint themselves with people that they only see at conventions and make new friends. Conventions have some of the most ingenious and fascinating people you are likely to meet outside a lunatic asylum. Make the effort to get to know them. You may wind up with a friendship that will last for the rest of your life.

To get the most out of a convention, you should put a lot in. Feel free to watch events, but if you see an opportunity to interact during an event, by all means take it. You are guaranteed to enjoy it more.

Science Fiction conventions are generally designed for attendees over about 16. Younger attendees are of course welcome, but parental supervision is required for young people.

As with all SF conventions run in New Zealand, ConQuest is a non-profit event run entirely by volunteers. Your registration fee goes towards paying for the guests, the hotel, various facilities, and perks for you, our attendees. Any extra left over goes to fannish pursuits and our charity, the Royal Forest and Bird Society.

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