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So, ya wanna win some prizes...?
A Note on prizes
We are hoping to get some significant prizes to award people who win these competitions. Don't expect World trip tickets on the QEII, but do expect something a bit more than a shake of the hand and a limp piece of paper... Stay tuned...

Art Competition
This will be broken down into at least two categories. If there are enough entries, sub-categories will be used. This year, to aid judging, the theme is "2001 uses for a Barbie Doll". The only criteria is that Barbie (or a similar type of doll) must be involved somehow.
3-D. Make a model. Sculpt something. Combine materials into a three-dimensional form.
2-D. Paint something. Photograph something. Fiddle in your computer with something. Have fun and make it good.

Video Competition
A video of up to around 20 mins. It can be of whatever you want. If it is something that you would like to watch in the movies, it will get marks. Quality, not quantity is the watchword. Marks will be given for story, editing, effectiveness of any effects.

Don't forget, just because this is a science fiction convention, does not mean that your video has to have special effects in it. (But it is fun...)

Please get the video to us on or before Saturday, 1st April. There will be an opportunity for attendees to see the videos, and judging will be carried out over the weekend.

Writing Competition
The New Zealand Science Fiction Writers are running this competition, in association with Mercedes Lackey of course.

This year a there is a theme of “Urban Myths”.

There are two length categories.

Short Story. This is a story of 1000 words or less.
Novelette. This is a story of 5000 words or less.

The deadline is March 16th 2001
. Please make sure that all entries are to us by then.

Entries on floppy disc or via email are encouraged where possible. Please keep a copy of your story safe until after the convention. No responsibility will be accepted for entries damaged in transit, however, if this happens you will be given the opportunity to send another copy. Send email copies.

Please send manuscripts, whether in electronic, or hardcopy forms, as double spaced with page numbering. Please supply a cover page with FULL contact details. On other pages, please put your phone number in the header.

As usual, there will be a Masquerade. This year, we will be judging on at least two general categories.

Workmanship. This determines, basically, how well the costume was put together. This category gives people who like making costumes the opportunity be judged fairly on their skills. You must have made most of the costume yourself. You will need to say what significant amounts were made by someone else.
Presentation. If you sing, do an act or generally prance around the stage, that is what this category is for. Please give appropriate credit to anyone else who helps you with the act.

Other categories will be decided closer to the time, or by the judges. Please feel free to enter as groups or individuals.

The New Zealand Fan Awards
These are a semi-official National Award given at each National science fiction convention. They are supposed to reward people in the SF community for a job well done in the previous year, ie 2000.

We are now calling for nominations for people in each category of award. The categories are:

Best Fanzine
Best Fan Writer
Best Fan Artist
Services to Fandom

You may nominate anyone you choose. If appropriate, include a description of what the nominee has done to deserve this award.

We will then ask the nominee if they accept the nomination.

To make voting more acurate, we would like to place examples of nominees work here on this website. We will ask the nominee for material to place here to be viewed.

In order to vote, you must be a member of the National science fiction convention. In 2001, that will be OdysseyCon.

You are a member if you have paid a supporting fee, or are a paid up member in some capacity before voting is finished.

Nominations for people will close on or around March 2nd, 2001. Then the nominations will be compiled, and forms sent out to all members. 

We are going to try something new this year, and attempt to have all voting take place BEFORE the convention. This may not work, so our fall back position will be to have voting at the convention.

Supporting members will need to send back the forms before the convention starts.

Future Awards and a National SF and F body
Currently, the Fan Awards are set up by each National Convention on an ad hoc basis. There is a suggestion that there be a permanent New Zealand set of awards created, that is administered by a particular body. Or guidelines could be set out and then used by each National Convention to decide the awards.

This will allow continuity in the awards, and help them to have greater significance in the future.

Norman Cates is accepting submissions and suggestions about these awards, and the forming of a new National Science Fiction and Fantasy organisation. He has a document that outlines some of the issues and asks for suggestions.

If you wish to make comments about this issue, you may write to Norman Cates, care of this convention, or you can write via email to:


Norman will be collecting suggestions and comments and there will be a session or two at OdysseyCon for those interested in these issues.

P.O. Box 74-013
Market Rd, Auckland

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