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The 22nd National Science Fiction Convention of New Zealand

OdysseyCon Logo

Auckland, Easter 2001
(13th-16th April)

Literary Guests of Honour
Mercedes Lackey
Larry Dixon
Lyn McConchie
Sean McMullen

Fan Guest of Honour
Brian Howell


And that was OdysseyCon!
Well, the dust has settled, the guests and attendees have gone home, and the concom have stopped twitching!

After we have all had a rest, and tidied up the loose ends we'll be sending out the post-con reports with all the final details.

Stay tuned!

Auction Items
We hope to be able to announce some of the auction items soon. There are some rare pieces, including a few legitimate items from The Lord of the Rings. Stay tuned!

We can show you a very special item for sale.

A Mech for your backyard (sort of)
A while back for various reasons, Eddie Longley built a large mech. It stands about 2.5 meters high and looks like the real thing!

XMEN licence plate
Also for sale is an XMEN personalised license plate for your vehicle.

Nominations for the New Zealand Fan Awards:
The nominees have been anounced! Go to the Fan Awards page to see who they are. You can also download some examples of their work.

Website Updated (1/4/2001)
The OdysseyCon website has been updated with the 'final' events schedule.

Website Updated (3/2/2001)
The OdysseyCon website has been updated with more information about new guests. We also now have a preliminary schedule for the convention on the website. Please have a look in the events section, and let us know if you can see any potential problems.

Also, you can now register online.. Check it out in the Registrations section

Website Updated (20/10/2000)
The OdysseyCon website has been updated with more information about our guests, and final pricing for the hotel and the banquet.

OdysseyCon is now a Flying Pig Affiliate
Flying Pig gives us the opportunity to earn commisions on products that you buy by clicking from this website to the Flying Pig website. Flying Pig is a commerce site selling all manner of items: Book, DVDs, Videos, Software and much more. AND they tend to be cheaper than elsewhere. AND they deliver! Check it out! And yes Virginia, they have an extensive selection of books by Mercedes Lackey...

For people who are interested in science fiction...
The New Zealand Fan Database was used and expanded for ConQuest 2. ConQuest 2 may be over, but the fan database is very much alive. If you are interested in being on this database, please contact us at enquiries@sffanz.sf.org.nz. This database is only used for science fiction and fantasy conventions and there are strict rules when using the data, in order to respect your privacy. We have a full statement of such policies if you are interested in being in this database.

P.O. Box 74-013
Market Rd, Auckland

Privacy Policy

The site was last updated Monday, April 23, 2001

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