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Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and your desire to avoid unwanted spam.

Your details will be put in the SF Fans database. This database is administered by fans, for fans. Contact details are passed on to future conventions. You might also be contacted in relation to science fiction or fantasy events. It's anticipated that your will only receive 5 or 6 mailings a year as a result of being in this database.

This database will be kept by the trustee/s. At the moment this is just Norman Cates. However, as it grows it may be necessary to allow helpers access for purposes of entering data. 

The data in this database will under no circumstances be released to any commercial organisation. All New Zealand conventions will have access to only the names and addresses in the database for the express purpose of informing fans of upcoming conventions or events. The convention will be required to sign a document stating that this is all it will be used for, and that the information will not be passed to any other organisation. 

Statistical information will be generated as required and requested. No individual will be singled out. 

Any person in this database will be notified that they are in the database, and if they wish to be removed, they will be, immediately.

If you have any questions about what your information is used for, please contact Norman Cates.

P.O. Box 74-013
Market Rd, Auckland

Privacy Policy